TheOneSpot’s mission was to help Australians navigate the complex home buying process. Below is a snapshot of TheOneSpot’s brand identity, design system, plus the MVP versions for both the web and hybrid mobile app, done between 2018 and 2020.

Only six months after its soft launch in June 2019, the platform reached 1,000 registered users, with strong prospects to quickly scale and find its product‑market fit.

TheOneSpot financial analysis screenTheOneSpot MVP app design
User research

Since the product was in its infancy and the value propositions hadn’t been validated, I was involved in various research activities and experimentations under the supervision of the Design Lead.


As we learnt more about our audience and what they needed, my core responsibilities were to creating design artefacts for the website and apps using Sketch.

Design qa

To ensure we continuously shipped a high‑quality product, I worked closely with the engineering team to implement a design QA process into the workflow across the company.


To narrow down the problem that needed solving and the appropriate solutions, multiple research methodologies were used depending on the stage of the business, namely Design Jam, User Interviews, Customer Journeys, and Usability Testings.

Doodles and screenshots of usability testing script
Design Jam's whiteboard

Design System

A design system was developed and continuously iterated as the brand shaped up and changed, which became the desktop app’s foundation and then adapted for the mobile app. The styleguide was also helpful for growth activities as the business grew.

TheOneSpot Design SystemsA Google campaign for TheOneSpot

Shipped Products

During the time I was at TheOneSpot, we shipped multiple versions of the products, including the marketing website and the web application, both of which were built with React, and finally, the mobile app, which was built with React Native to be distributed simultaneously on the App Store and Play Store.

TheOneSpot Homepage designTheOneSpot phone design
TheOneSpot dashboard designTheOneSpot compare page design


I acknowledge & pay respect to the people of Wangal of the Eora Nation on whose land I live & work.

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I acknowledge & pay respect to the people of Wangal of the Eora Nation on whose land I live & work.