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The client commissioned a rebrand and custom‑made CMS website to follow, which tells the story of an old gumtree getting cut down in his hometown and showcases his works as a filmmaker.

The redesign not only improved the structure and aesthetics of the site but also provided clear evidence of what no‑code tools such as Webflow are capable of in terms of building high‑quality and high‑performing websites.

Belward Tree Films before and after


Early brand explorations leaned towards a minimalistic modern feel, but we then shifted into a more storytelling concept based on the client’s feedback.

As an interim step, we updated the redesigned logo on the old website while the new website was being designed and implemented.

Belward Tree Films logo IterationsBelward Tree Films logo Iterations
UI Kit & Moodboard for Belward Tree FilmsBelward Tree Films Wireframe & Concept


Once the logo and colour palette were finalised, we decided to create a heavily interactive website to expand further and emphasise the filmmaker’s backstory conceptually. Moreover, this strategy also promoted the content as the primary focus.

Screenshot of Belward Tree FIlms Homepage

Shipped Product

The new website, which we migrated from Squarespace, was built by leveraging the latest technology so that we could implement advanced animations while ensuring the site still performs well with a high SEO ranking.

As the client’s career progresses, we also added a custom multi‑paged lead form that led to a successful creative workshop in 2023.

Belward Tree Films Website on different devices


I acknowledge & pay respect to the people of Wangal of the Eora Nation on whose land I live & work.

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I acknowledge & pay respect to the people of Wangal of the Eora Nation on whose land I live & work.